Water Damage and Flood Restoration

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When water damage strikes, it leaves your home and your business in a state of disrepair. Apart from the extent of visible damages, the underlying problems from rising damp to mold make water-related disasters a challenging, if not impossible, task without the services of a professional damage restoration company. Most water problems result from faulty plumbing, poor drainage, and dysfunctional appliances. It leaves furniture soaked, swells ceilings, warps walls and floors, and creates electrical hazards. To save your valuables, restore your property, and get a hold of underlying water issues, contact us at 777 Restoration when water destruction becomes a reality.

We encourage you to call us as soon as you suffer water damage. The earlier we can implement measures of control, the better the outcome. Our technicians go beyond what is visible and conduct a thorough inspection of all underlying areas, structures, and hidden spots that create the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. We address humidity imbalances and utilize high-powered extraction, sanitization, and cleaning equipment to restore your home and business’s dry condition. 777 Restoration is certified and experienced in caring for your safety and the most valuable investment.

Our Steps to Water Damage Restoration

We Apply the Highest Level of Recovery Services You Can Trust

We are Here for You

Water can leave your property devastated as it seeps into every crevice and creates underlying damages that would prove exorbitant to repair. Let us help you through the trauma of flooding and water problems by answering your call when you contact us. Our consultants will prioritize your queries and concerns with fast, effective, and supportive services around the clock.

We Dispatch Our Technical Team, Inspect Water Damages, and Control Breaches

Where water damage is associated with a plumbing pipe burst or a badly leaking roof that affects a single room or space, our technicians identify the location for water penetration. We implement our technical expertise to control further water spread. When floods occur, we will dispatch our team once the storm has passed and implement immediate management measures to prevent further property deterioration.

Our Precision Water Extraction Services

The process of water extraction is a necessary part of disaster recovery. It should be implemented in the first 24 to 48 hours and often involves temporarily moving residents or staff from the building to ensure every area is inspected and the appropriate restoration implemented. We recommend packing essential items and moving from the property where major floods have occurred, and the risk to residents and valuables is high. This allows our technicians to move freely and facilitate the restoration process with ease.

At 777 Restoration, we are dedicated to bringing fast, effective, and reliable restorative services to your home or business when water damage becomes a reality. Our technicians are dispatched with powerful water extraction equipment include submersible pumps that remove standing water from basements, living and working areas. We then apply an industrial wet vacuum cleaner to extract water in upholstery, carpets, floors, and fixtures such as cupboards. Our extraction experts will examine the property for remaining moisture using advanced apparatus, including hygrometers. From high-powered water vacuums to infrared technology, we detect surface and underlying water responsible for structural deterioration and mold formation.

Precision Cleaning, and Sanitation Tailored to Your Property Needs

When a house suffers a flood by plumbing problems or storms, it can affect every surface, every furnishing, and risk air quality. We provide high-level cleaning, disinfection, and sanitation for properties affected by floods and moisture damage. The methods we use cover all affected areas, personal belongings, furniture, and hidden surfaces.

Our technical expertise, combined with our use of high powered and technologically advanced equipment, helps remove water from rooms and valuables. We proceed with cleaning techniques using foam, immersion, and dry or wet cleaning methods to prevent the aftermath water devastation can cause. This includes the removal of musty and unpleasant odors that emanate from water-soaked structures and furniture. Our team will implement deodorizers and dehumidifiers to clean and dry the air. Through the final process of sanitizing, we will disinfect hidden germs and conditions responsible for the formation of mold and mildew. This includes antimicrobial applications to avoid fungal growth and spread.



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Ashley M
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We hired 777 Restoration to remove mold from our house. They educated my husband and I on the process and after a week everything turned out great! Thank you for everything!
Richard J
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Strongly recommend this company. Very reliable and always on time. I needed the roof fixed for our office, and these guys handled the job flawlessly. Great job!
Leonardo B
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First time dealing with water damage after a pipe broke in our home. 777 Restoration was the first to respond, and their team took action right away with all the repairs. The team members were very friendly and assured me that everything was under control. Very happy with the overall experience.
Kevin R
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We called 777 Restoration after our warehouse suffered a fire. Thankfully they were able to take care of repairs and restored our warehouse better than what it was. Thank you again for the excellent service.

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