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Water damage can destroy your house and put your life on hold for days on end. In case of a disaster like a flood, there is not only visible damage to the property, but there is also seepage, moisture, mold, creating a potential breeding ground for health hazards. Our team of water damage experts in Fort Lauderdale are committed to salvaging as much as possible and restore your property back to its glory.

Most water damage is caused by faulty plumbing, inadequate waterproofing, poor drainage, and dysfunctional appliances. Handling water damage is not a simple task; it damages different elements of your property differently. It can leave your furniture soaked, ceilings swollen, walls and floors warped, creating a potential electrical hazard. Water can cause permanent damage to the very structure of your property. If not handled properly, it can give way to mold formation, water retaining wood, and scraping of paint and plaster.

Prolonged exposure to water can put your property at risk of permanent damage. Call the professionals at 777 Restoration as soon as you notice water damage to get the best results.

Our technicians don’t just restore visible damage; they conduct a thorough inspection of the property to find all underlying causes, structures, and hidden spots to prevent any formation of mold or mildew. We fix the humidity imbalances and employ high-powered extraction, sanitization, and cleaning of equipment to restore your home and business’s dry condition. 777 Restoration is the best water damage restoration service for residential or commercial properties in and around Fort Lauderdale.

Our Process of Handling Water Damage Restoration

We Implement Cutting Edge Techniques for Recovery Services You Can Count on

We Are in it Together

Water damage can severely damage any property. It can seep in and cause structural damage to property and furniture, which can be very expensive to repair. We are at your service to help you through these challenging times. All you need to do is call us. We provide reliable and efficient solutions for water damage restoration and other support services round the clock.

We send our technical Team, Inspect The extent of Water Damage, and Control Breaches

When water damage is associated with a plumbing pipe burst or a badly leaking roof that affects a single room or space, our technicians identify the location for water penetration. We employ our technical expertise to control further water spread. When floods occur, we dispatch our team once the storm has passed and implement immediate management measures to prevent further property deterioration.

High-Quality Precision Water Extraction Services

Water extraction is a necessary step in the initial phase after a disaster. It involves temporarily shifting the residents to a safe place thorough inspection for further damage. The restoration process starts after water extraction and inspection. We recommend packing essential items and moving them from the property where major flooding has occurred; staying in such a structure poses a high risk.

At 777 Restoration, we are committed to restoration with our efficient services so that life and business can go on as usual. Our certified technicians come to the site with powerful water extraction equipment, including submersible pumps, to eliminate any waterlogging and clearing the area. We then use an industrial wet vacuum cleaner that dries upholstery, rugs, floors, etc. It is a powerful and gentle equipment that allows quick water extraction from organic surfaces. Our team of professionals uses high-end equipment for restoration, including hygrometers, high-powered water vacuums, and infrared technology, to detect surface and underlying water responsible for structural damage and mold formation.

Outstanding Cleaning and Sanitation Services

We provide high-level sanitation, disinfection, and cleaning services to ensure your house is safe and healthy. Our team of reliable technicians uses a set of high powered, cutting-edge tools to extract water from all surfaces. We also use advanced cleaning techniques such as foam, immersion, and dry or wet cleaning to prevent any further moisture-related damage. We use deodorizers and humidifiers to do away with the odor of water-soaked furniture, making your home clean and fresh again. Our efficient and high-end services will get your life back on track in no time.



what our clients are saying

Ashley M
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We hired 777 Restoration to remove mold from our house. They educated my husband and I on the process and after a week everything turned out great! Thank you for everything!
Richard J
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Strongly recommend this company. Very reliable and always on time. I needed the roof fixed for our office, and these guys handled the job flawlessly. Great job!
Leonardo B
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First time dealing with water damage after a pipe broke in our home. 777 Restoration was the first to respond, and their team took action right away with all the repairs. The team members were very friendly and assured me that everything was under control. Very happy with the overall experience.
Kevin R
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We called 777 Restoration after our warehouse suffered a fire. Thankfully they were able to take care of repairs and restored our warehouse better than what it was. Thank you again for the excellent service.

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