Professional Restoration Services for Fire Damage in Fort Lauderdale

Swift Fire Remediation Service for Your Safety

Fire is a powerful force of nature that spreads rapidly and causes massive destruction of property. Recovering from the damage that a fire has caused to your residential or commercial property is very challenging. Our professionals at 777 Restoration aim to salvage as much of your property and as many of your belongings as possible and restore it to its original state. We also inspect the cause of the fire outbreak and put in place mechanisms to prevent any such future event.

Our crew is professional and compasionate, we understand that the loss of a property can be devastating and traumatic for those involved. We start by ensuring the safety of the structure post-fire damage and then go on to inspect the extent of the damage. We use highly sophisticated equipment for safe fire damage restoration and help you get back to your daily life in the shortest possible time.

777 Restoration is Here to Restore Your Fort Lauderdale Home

Whenever a Fire Strikes You Need Skilled and Experienced Team to Rely on

A fire does not only cause fire damage to your property, it also causes smoke and soot damage, damage to electrical lines, and moisture damage due to fire extinguishers or a water hose. Handling restoration after fire damage is a task for the best professionals and experts at 777 Restoration. .

Our technicians use high-end equipment and cutting-edge methods to clean and restore surfaces, furniture, and structures. We further eliminate any smoke, soot, and ash remnants. Our experienced staff is focused on the safety of your home. We work on decontaminating the HVAC, eliminating any smoke and soot that may have been absorbed by the system. Our comprehensive restoration services are efficient and reliable.

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Why you Should Hire Professional Fire Restoration Fort Lauderdale

Fire is an extremely destructive force. Even after extinguishing it, it leaves behind toxic air particles, smoke and soot, dangerous carbon monoxide, poor air quality, and acidity. Fire can also permanently cause damage to the structural integrity of your property and make it unsafe for use. It can bring your everyday life and business to a halt. The soot deposits and odor on the upholstery and other organic surfaces can be tough to eliminate as well. To minimize further damage, call the professionals at 777 Restoration as soon as possible.  

We are trained to handle residential as well as commercial fire damage. Our team of trained restoration professionals will not only restore damaged property but also recover what was lost in the fire. Whether you need to replace your burnt carpet, install a  new drywall or new flooring, you can count on 777 Restoration to get the job done.

Professional and Certified Staff – At 777 Restoration, our staff is experienced, certified, and trained to handle fire damage.  We provide the best fire and smoke recovery services in and surrounding the city of Fort Lauderdale. Whether the damage is large or small or whether you own a residential or commercial property, our staff is trained to tackle all fire restoration jobs.

Insurance Support – The process of claiming insurance in case of a fire breakout can be troublesome for anyone who has to face the trauma and loss of fire. 777 Restoration provides you with professional assistance to help you through the insurance claim process. We aim to make the process of restoration smooth and hassle-free for you, and not worsen your situation by plying you with insurance paperwork.

High-Quality Tools and Techniques – Our Restoration experts manage fire disasters with efficiency and precision to make the process of restoration seamless for you. Our professionals use premium industrial equipment and methods for restoration. We aim to recover as much as possible and replace or rebuild what is lost to the fire. Our high-end techniques minimize the cost of restoration for you, and we also ensure that minimal permanent damage is caused to your property.

Call Our Restoration Professionals – In case of fire damage, we recommend calling experienced professionals.  Dealing with the damage insufficiently can lead to more significant maintenance costs in the long run than the cost of hiring professionals. Someone who has suffered the loss of property due to fire should not have to suffer through any more loss. For expert restoration services, call the best. Call 777 Restoration today!



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Ashley M
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We hired 777 Restoration to remove mold from our house. They educated my husband and I on the process and after a week everything turned out great! Thank you for everything!
Richard J
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Strongly recommend this company. Very reliable and always on time. I needed the roof fixed for our office, and these guys handled the job flawlessly. Great job!
Leonardo B
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First time dealing with water damage after a pipe broke in our home. 777 Restoration was the first to respond, and their team took action right away with all the repairs. The team members were very friendly and assured me that everything was under control. Very happy with the overall experience.
Kevin R
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We called 777 Restoration after our warehouse suffered a fire. Thankfully they were able to take care of repairs and restored our warehouse better than what it was. Thank you again for the excellent service.

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