We Deliver Professional Restoration of Fire Damage

Fire Remediation is Performed Swiftly for Your Safety and Property Protection

Fires are harsh and spread rapidly, consuming everything in its path. The occurrence of a fire break out in your home is a challenging and difficult occurrence. Apart from the heat and flame damage, the remaining ash, soot, smoke, and moisture can cause many problems that are impossible to manage alone. Fortunately, our 777 Restoration team has the skill and the experience to restore your property and prevent the disaster that occurs after the initial fire outbreak.

The fire damage experts at 777 Restoration are dispatched efficiently when alerted of heat and smoke damages. We are here to offer our professionalism but also our compassion when dealing with such a traumatic event. Our first task is to secure the property’s safety and inspect the damage for the best possible restoration plan. We use advanced and trusted fire restoration equipment and workmanship to help you get back to your usual way of life in the shortest period. 

We are Here to Restore the Integrity of Your Home

When Fire Damages Occur, You Need the Reliable Restoration Services We Provide

Most property owners are unaware of the damages that come after the initial fire. The water used during firefighting extinguishers can add to the troubles in restoration. Even the smallest fires can create extensive smoke damage. Our technicians will start the restoration process by extracting any remaining water left behind from firefighting efforts.

Our technicians will proceed to use cutting edge methods and equipment to facilitate cleaning and restoration of all surfaces, furniture, and structures. We work to eliminate smoke, soot, and ash. Our services focus on decontaminating the HVAC, including the presence of smoke and soot that have been absorbed by the system.

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Important Reasons to Hire Fire Restoration Services

Fire is extremely destructive, leaving toxic particles, compromised air quality, and acidity behind. These same toxins are responsible for stained surfaces and weakened structures that impact the property’s safety and integrity. The smoke odor can get into your upholstery, clothing, and carpeting, which is impossible to remove with conventional cleaning techniques. The sooner you call us after fires have occurred, the greater the success of our restoration efforts.

If you have suffered a residential fire, call our technicians at 777 Restoration. We are committed to delivering fast and attentive services for our customers in Miami and the surrounding areas where we prioritize your safety and the condition of your property. With expert cleaning and a detailed report on reconstruction, we can deliver on our promises of a high-quality service to restore your investment. From the replacement of carpets to the install of new drywall, we are here to make the process of restoration safer, easier, and efficient.

Professionalism and Knowledge – At 777 Restoration, we are experienced, certified, and knowledgeable in managing fire and smoke recovery services. We handle all types of fire damages, helping our customers with complex and often challenging circumstances.

Insurance Support – Apart from the difficulty of dealing with a disaster, the insurance process on top of it can leave you perplexed and frustrated. At 777 Restoration, we bring our professionals to the fore to assist in your insurance claim in Miami and beyond. We will work to bring value and support for your claims with our knowledge and expert reports.

The Best Tools and Techniques – For seamless restoration services, you need the appropriate apparatus and professional approach to match. Our fire restoration experts manage fire disasters with precision, including the rebuilding of affected structures and replacement of belongings damaged by smoke, heat, soot, and more. Remember, general contractors, do not have the specialization to restore damages caused by fires or work with insurers to cover the costs for the destruction.

Call Our Trusted Professionals – We do not recommend handling the challenges of fire damages on your own. A lack of experience in handling such damages can lead to additional costs in restoration down the line, which exceeds the initial cost or budget for repairs. Call 777 Restoration, and we assure you of fair estimates and a dedicated service you can always depend on.



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Ashley M
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We hired 777 Restoration to remove mold from our house. They educated my husband and I on the process and after a week everything turned out great! Thank you for everything!
Richard J
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Strongly recommend this company. Very reliable and always on time. I needed the roof fixed for our office, and these guys handled the job flawlessly. Great job!
Leonardo B
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First time dealing with water damage after a pipe broke in our home. 777 Restoration was the first to respond, and their team took action right away with all the repairs. The team members were very friendly and assured me that everything was under control. Very happy with the overall experience.
Kevin R
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We called 777 Restoration after our warehouse suffered a fire. Thankfully they were able to take care of repairs and restored our warehouse better than what it was. Thank you again for the excellent service.

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